Happiness Amidst Pain: One Son Married, Another Son Missing

Stand for Israel  |  October 23, 2023

Destruction from the October 7 attack in Israel with religious textbook
Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90

In these dark times, those of us that Stand for Israel find ourselves looking toward the light—seeking hope for the future. We are inspired that despite the terror and war in Israel, many Israelis are bringing light to the Holy Land—even choosing to celebrate moments of joy.

One story that captures our hearts is about a father, who recently celebrated his son’s wedding just days after the Hamas attack, despite his other son Daniel being missing since the battle with Hamas during the Operation Swords of Iron, reports the Jerusalem Post.

In a recent Jerusalem Post interview, Perez shared his bittersweet feelings during this difficult time:

“Although it’s been only ten days since the incident, I’ve come to realize a few things,” he continued. “It is possible to experience genuine happiness amidst pain. My wife and I, despite the sadness looming in the background, genuinely enjoyed our son’s wedding. The sadness was always there, like faint background music. The officiating rabbi mentioned Daniel, and that moment was incredibly poignant, bringing tears to our eyes. However, we managed to move from that sorrow back into celebration. So it is possible.” 

Yet Perez also asked to use this platform in order to spread positive messages of hope: “There is hope,” he stated. “We’re not confronting a final tragedy but are instead holding onto the possibility of a positive outcome. We, as Jewish people, have always been a community of hope and faith. Our history and belief system reinforce the idea that things unfold as per God’s will. 

“Even in trying times, we’ve always maintained our hope,” he said. “Experiencing this situation has made me realize that these aren’t mere clichés but are foundational truths that have carried countless Jews through far worse trials than we’re undergoing.” 

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