Hamas Fires Hundreds of Rockets Toward Jerusalem, Raising Fear of War

Stand for Israel  |  May 10, 2021

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The violence in the Holy Land continues to escalate – after a day of tension in Jerusalem – as Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israel. The Times of Israel’s Judah Ari Gross reports that the terrorist group that rules the Gaza Strip has launched dozens of rockets at Israel after tensions escalated today in the Holy City:

Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip fired massive barrages of rockets at Israel on Monday evening and into the night, including seven projectiles that were fired by Hamas toward Jerusalem, in a major escalation of violence from the enclave signaling the possible start of a wider conflict.

The attacks drew Israeli retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza…

“In the next few days, Hamas will feel the long arm of the [Israeli] army. It won’t take a few minutes, it will take a few days,” IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman told reporters.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the IDF would continue striking Hamas and other terrorists in the Strip in what has been dubbed by the military Operation Guardian of the Walls until “long-term and complete quiet” is restored…

Please pray that the violence will cease, and that until it does, God will continue to protect His people, Israel.

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