Global Anti-Semitism on Rise

Stand for Israel  |  August 23, 2021

Global Anti-semitism is on the rise

In recent years, the rise in acts of hatred against Jews – simply because of their faith – has shocked those who stand for Israel and the Jewish people. And now, two recent incidents only highlight the danger in growing global anti-Semitism.

Algemeiner’s Benjamin Kerstein reports on an anti-Semitic attack which occurred recently in England:

London police are currently searching for a man who attacked a 64-year-old Orthodox Jewish man on the street, with footage appearing to show the same suspect assaulting a Jewish child hours earlier.

The Stamford Hill Jewish security force Shomrim posted two videos of the incidents on Twitter.

The first clip posted, which Shomrim said took place in Stamford Hill at 8:30 pm on Aug. 18, shows a man dressed in white with a headdress and dark coat randomly hitting a Jewish man in Orthodox garb, knocking him to the ground.

Shomrim called it a “vicious racist attack,” and said that the unconscious man was taken to hospital “with broken foot/ankle & nasty head injuries.”

And our friends at Ynet News report on another act of anti-Semitism that occurred right here in the U.S.:

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón announced on Thursday that two former Torrance police officers have been charged with vandalism for allegedly spray-painting an impounded vehicle with a swastika….

“We have seen an increase in hate crimes, not only in our own home town but around the country. And it’s unacceptable,” Gascón said. “But it becomes doubly unacceptable when we have the people that are sworn to protect all of us who engage in this behavior…”

Please continue to stand with Israel and the Jewish people as we not only fight such global anti-Semitism as it occurs, but also stand in friendship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in faith.

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