Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors

Stand for Israel  |  May 31, 2022

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and photographer
(Photo: Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London)

It always makes us proud to see world leaders and celebrities who stand for God’s people, including Holocaust survivors, the often-forgotten Jewish people who have suffered so much and lost so much during their lives. The latest public figure to do so is Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Algemeiner’s Shiryn Germezian tells us about a new online exhibit of the princess’ portraits of Holocaust survivors and their families:

The new site showcases portraits of the Holocaust survivors and their descendants, along with details about their lives. Two images were shot by the Duchess of Cambridge while the others were taken by 12 photographers who are all fellows or honorary fellows of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

“We owe it to those who were murdered, and those who survived, and even future generations – to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive,” said Olivia Marks-Woldman, CEO of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, as reported by the UK’s Jewish News, which was a partner in the project. “We’re thrilled that this online gallery will enable so many more people to view some truly amazing images. This project will ensure that the truth about this chapter history of incomprehensible human evil remains shared and accessible to everyone.”

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