Purim: A Day of Rejoicing

This PowerPoint is great for Sunday school, home schooling, or as a resource for teaching children about the Jewish observance of Purim.

Devotional Day 5 -- The Fingerprints of God

The story of Esther is a wonderful reminder that even though it may not be evident to us, God is quietly at work in the world.

Devotional Day 3 -- A Reason to Celebrate

Purim is also a reminder of the importance to take time to recall God's blessings and express praise and thanksgiving to Him for these gifts.

Devotional Day 4 -- Stamp Out Doubt

Israel stands for faith in God – that He is always running the show, that He has a plan, and that it is good.

Devotional Day 2 -- The Hamans of this World

In a world with no shortage of "Hamans," we need more "Esthers" committed to standing humbly before God and seeking to defend His people in the face of all difficulties.

Devotional Day 1 -- Taking A Stand

We all have a choice to make -- to remain silent in the face of injustice and suffering to "save" our reputation.

Purim Word Search

Download this Purim Word Search to find Purim words such as: Esther, Haman, or Celebration.

Purim Crossword Puzzle

Download this Purim Crossword Puzzle and see if you know enough about Purim to solve it.

Esther Coloring Book

Download this Purim Coloring Book to color pictures of people including Queen Esther.

Yael's Corner on Purim

Yael Eckstein shares how she was able to obey God's command to be happy on Purim during a difficult time.

Celebrating Purim Brochure

Download this four-page bulletin that takes a closer look at how Jewish people celebrate Purim today, both here and in Jerusalem.

Ask Yael - Purim

In this short video, Yael Eckstein explains the significance of Purim.

"From the Mouths of Our Children," Holy Land Reflections

Yael Eckstein shares an important lesson she learned from her daughter in remaining joyful on Purim and every day in this except from her book, Holy Land Reflections.

Purim's Lessons and Celebrations

Rabbi Eckstein shares some lessons from the holiday of Purim inspired by the book of Esther.

Purim: Behind the Scenes

Rabbi Eckstein shares that one of the underlying themes of Purim is the mysterious way in which God acts in the world.

The Story of Purim: Part 2

Rabbi Eckstein continues his explanation of Purim, a time when the Jews were saved from destruction through the brave action of Queen Esther as recounted in the book of Esther.

The Story of Purim: Part 1

Rabbi Eckstein explains Purim, a time when the Jews were saved from destruction through the brave action of Queen Esther as recounted in the book of Esther.

The Jewish Roots of Christianity: Purim

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein explains the Jewish celebration of Purim and its origins in the book of Esther in this informative video.


In his popular book How Firm a Foundation, Rabbi Eckstein explains about the observance of Purim, the most joyous festival in the Jewish year.

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