From the Four Corners of the Earth

From the Four Corners of the Earth

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Dear Friend of Israel,

I once asked my friend (and Israel’s 11th Prime Minister), the late Ariel Sharon, about the three most important things we at The Fellowship could do for Israel. His response was simple: “Aliyah, aliyah, aliyah.”

It is a fundamental truth: aliyah (immigration to Israel) is an investment in Israel’s future. Ariel Sharon knew that aliyah not only saves the lives of Jews around the globe living under poverty and oppression, but strengthens Israel as a whole.

This truth is recognized, too, by Israel’s current leadership, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who continually calls on Israel to recognize immigrants’ immeasurable contribution to Israeli democracy, military strength, economic health, and technological innovation. And it has been publicly recognized by the state of Israel itself, which in 2016 created a new national holiday: Aliyah Day (Yom HaAliyah).

Aliyah Day, which begins this year on Monday, October 15, at sundown, is a tribute to the immigrants who have helped make the Jewish state the thriving nation that it is today. Israel provides immigrants with a safe haven – a country that protects them and allows them to practice their Jewish faith, that respects and nourishes their deepest-held beliefs – and they give back in turn.

This Aliyah Day, please pray both for the peace of Jerusalem, and for all the Jewish immigrants who are still arriving in Israel today thanks to your continued support of The Fellowship‘s On Wings of Eagles program. They help make Israel a thriving oasis of democracy in the Middle East.

And prayerfully consider giving a gift to support The Fellowship‘s aliyah Freedom Flights, in fulfillment of the biblical prophecy that promises the return of Jewish exiles to the Holy Land “from the four corners of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12). When you do, I hope you will know that none of these efforts could have been successful without you. Thank you, my friends.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President

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