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Israel Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Israel celebrated its independence day this week – 70 years since the founding of the modern Jewish state, which rose in the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust.

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Tensions, Protests Escalate on Israel’s Border with Gaza

On Easter Sunday, tens of thousands of Hamas-organized protestors tried to rush an Israeli border fence in Gaza.

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Tensions Flare on Gaza Border after Hamas Military Drill

Earlier this week, the terrorist group Hamas staged a large-scale military drill in Gaza that included detonating bombs and firing machine guns. The exercise triggered Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system, which sent rockets into the night sky.

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Israel Confirms Bombing of Syrian Nuclear Reactor

Israel is confirming for the first time that it was behind the bombing of a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria more than 10 years ago.

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Israel’s Netanyahu Slams Iran Nuclear Deal

In an interview with Fox News during his recent visit to the U.S., Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Iranian nuclear deal has paved the way for Iran to fund aggression and terrorist activity.

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