Why a Christian Pastor Blesses the Jewish People

Bishop Lanier, Pastor praying at Tomb of the Patriarchs


Even as The Fellowship continues the lifework of Rabbi Eckstein, of building bridges of understanding and friendship between Christians and Jews, some may wonder why this faith partnership is so important. Writing for our friends at CBN, Bishop Paul Lanier explains the simple reasons why he, a Christian pastor, blesses God’s children, Israel:

I’m a Christian and I’m also a pastor. In fact, I’m the son of pastors who were also the children of pastors. Practically everyone in my family has participated in Christian ministry.

So as you might expect, I’m more than familiar with those hallowed names of the Christian faith: Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist, the apostle Paul … all of them. But equally hallowed to my faith are the names inscribed centuries earlier; like so many other Christians, on Sunday mornings I’m also immersed in the stories of the towering figures of the Hebrew Bible.

There is Abraham, and his wife Sarah, who had more than just a nursery, but a nation in her womb. Joseph, who sat beside Pharaoh in Egypt and saved civilization during the famine. Moses, who stood at the lip of the Red Sea, parted it with his staff, and led two and a half million Jews on their trek through the wilderness to the Promised Land. David, who danced and sang and played his music to the sheep in the field, slayed the giant Goliath, and ruled as king of Israel. Esther, who saved her people through an act of great bravery.

These people, and so many more, are the foundation of our faith…

Read more about the importance of Christian support for the Jewish people at CBN.

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