The Spy Who Saved the Big Three

Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill at Tehran Conference, 1943

Credit:US Army

For this week’s Advocate and Ally of the Jewish people, we have a story that’s both timely and perhaps a little different than our regularly scheduled programming. Yes, this week’s heroine helped the Jewish people, by way of fighting the Nazis. But she did so in a different manner than many of our heroes who tangibly saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust. Israel’s Ynet News tells us about this real life superspy who recently passed away at the age of 93, but not after having saved the lives of FDR, Stalin, and Winston Churchill:

Goar Vartanyan, one half of a legendary Soviet spy couple who helped prevent a Nazi assassination of allied leaders in Tehran in 1943, has died at age 93.

Goar, who with her husband Gevork worked as a secret agent on numerous missions abroad, died on Monday, Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence service said…

Born on January 25, 1926, in Gyumri in what was then Soviet Armenia, Goar moved with her family to Iran in the early 1930s.

She joined an anti-fascist group at the age of 16 and eventually worked with Gevork to expose German agents.

When Hitler ordered the plot to kill the “Big Three” at a conference in Tehran, their group reportedly followed Nazi agents and exposed the plan…

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