Project Spotlight: Winter Warmth

Project Spotlight: Winter Warmth

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During our Winter Warmth efforts this year, Yael Eckstein brought warmth to the elderly this winter by delivering blankets to their homes. In total, The Fellowship delivered high-quality down comforters to 7,330 beneficiaries of the With Dignity and Fellowship program.

Yael visited elderly like:

Aliza, a 66-year-old woman who made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from India. When Yael visited her home, she learned that Aliza lives all alone in public housing. Aliza has no family or friends to visit her because she left most of her family behind in India. She also is very weak and needs care. Thankfully, as a beneficiary of the With Dignity and Fellowship program, Aliza receives prepared meals on a weekly basis. And this winter, she felt blessed to also receive winter warmth.

Sarah, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor. Sarah told Yael all about her experiences in the Holocaust, where as a 17-year-old, Sarah had to flee Ukraine for the Caucasus region. She remembers being hungry and cold throughout this entire period of time. Today, she struggles to afford both groceries and warm clothing during the winter months. Thankfully, The Fellowship provides her both of these essential items.

Learn how you can help more people in need throughout Israel today.

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