Project Spotlight: Passover Food Deliveries

Project Spotlight: Passover Food Deliveries


For the Jewish people, Passover is a sacred time of celebrating God’s rescue of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery thousands of years ago, as well as His miraculous provision of all their needs during the Exodus. But for Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU) who are trapped in poverty, this holiday is anything but celebratory – and is often just another day of doing without needed food.

To ensure that impoverished Jewish elderly and families have the special foods they need to celebrate Passover, which begins on April 19th this year, The Fellowship is making deliveries in the FSU. Through partner organizations on the ground in the FSU, we are committed to delivering food to tens of thousands of Jews in need this holy season, making sure they celebrate the holiday with dignity and grace.

Join us in making as many food deliveries as possible to our Jewish friends in need.

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