Project Spotlight: Mobile CT Scanner for Soroka Hospital

Project Spotlight: Mobile CT Scanner for Soroka Hospital

Credit:Soroka Medical Center

The latest in mobile imaging for patients at a Be’er Sheva hospital was made possible by funding from The Fellowship – and it’s already saving lives!

A new, technologically advanced mobile CT scanner, found in only one other hospital in Israel, was recently put into operation for the intensive care units (ICU) and operating rooms at Soroka University Medical Center.

The new scanner is enabling neurological physicians to “see” the brain and facial bones during surgery, eliminating the need to move the patient to perform scans outside the O.R., thus lessening the risk of complications. The scanner also is being used in the ICU to check patients for neurological changes.

The Fellowship has been a longtime supporter of Soroka Medical Center, the second largest hospital in Israel with about 1,000 hospital beds and the only hospital in the Negev, which covers 60% of the geographic area of the country and serves approximately 1 million citizens.

In 2011, The Fellowship helped to fund improvements to the hospital’s emergency room and purchase 14 new respirator machines to aid critically ill patients in the ICU. In December 2012, The Fellowship approved funds to help the hospital reinforce its operating room suite, which was vulnerable to terrorist rocket attacks from Gaza.

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