Project Spotlight: Helping Children at World ORT Schools

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At World ORT schools — a group of Fellowship-funded Jewish schools throughout the former Soviet Union — students receive a rich Jewish education where teachers instill a deeper knowledge of their Jewish heritage. But many of the students come from struggling families, and wouldn’t be able to attend the school without our help. Thankfully, The Fellowship and our wonderful supporters continue to make their Jewish education possible. Together, we fund hot meals, bus rides, and school security systems at World ORT — ensuring these students stay in school and continue growing in their faith and learning.

Your support helps students like Sonia, Sofia, and Alexandria succeed!

A Lifeline of Support

A school bus full of happy children

Sonia, who is in the 5th grade, say the buses provided allow her to stay in school. “My mom and dad work and can’t drive me to school,” she explains. “I live very far from school … In the morning, there is heavy traffic. That is why I enjoy very much sitting in a comfortable bus and not pushing in the public transport. Due to traveling in the school bus, I am always in a good mood for studying in the morning.”

Sofia, who is in the 9th grade, says that the hot meals provided at World ORT help her concentrate in her classes. “I don’t have time to go home for lunch, and eating out is too expensive. Our large family cannot afford it. Lunch at school gives me the strength to do what I love so much and strive for my aim,” she says.

Other students appreciate the security we provide them, ensuring they feel safe in their classrooms and free to practice their Jewish faith without fear. “Our security guards are very important because they keep our lives safe. We have the possibility to use the good security service for our school thanks to the support of your wonderful organization,” explains Alexandria, who is in the 7th grade. “If we lose this support, our parents would be nervous a lot when we are in the school. I know I am in a safe place when The Fellowship is with us!”

Thank you, Fellowship supporters, for making sure kids like Sonia, Sofia, and Alexandria continue to have access to World ORT schools, a community where they honor faith traditions and receive a full education. You help them shine!

You can help more Jewish children in need today!

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