Project Spotlight: Fortified Command Center for Rambam Hospital

Project Spotlight: Fortified Command Center for Rambam Hospital

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Recently, Rabbi Eckstein attended the dedication ceremony at Rambam Medical Center for the Fellowship-donated Fortified Command Center, which is the physical location where hospital staff come together to coordinate information and personnel to continue its work if under attack.

Rabbi Eckstein spoke to the attendees about his hope for the command center. “I hope that you won’t need to activate the command center in the near future – but we all know the situation here in Israel. All the Jewish world and the Evangelical world will look at your courage and I hope that we at The Fellowship provided you some backup and security which exceeds what was in existence a few years ago.”

Unfortunately, all Israelis live with the reality that there are terrorists on their borders who are set on Israel’s destruction. Thankfully, The Fellowship‘s donors – Christians and Jews who passionately love Israel – have provided security for Israelis under attack.

Our wonderful donors helped to build the world’s only underground hospital at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa near the Lebanon border in northern Israel. During times of peace, the underground facility is used as a parking garage, but in times of war, it can transform into a 2,000-bed hospital within hours. The Rambam Medical Center underground hospital is designed to keep patients and staff safe below ground, even when missiles and rockets are falling above. Over the years, The Fellowship has donated operating rooms in the 2,000 bed fortified underground hospital.

This underground medical facility is completely protected and ready to function as a full-fledged hospital, whether a patient needs dialysis, surgery, or any other medical services. The fortified underground hospital is designed to withstand rocket attacks, and also designed to keep out chemical or biological weapons.

And today, our donors have allowed us to go one step further by helping to fund a Fortified Command Center for the underground hospital at Rambam, ensuring the hospital staff can safely create an emergency plan, if Israel does experience a crisis or war.

Israelis have absolutely no warning before war breaks out; they must always be prepared. And we thank our Christian and Jewish friends around the world who help us provide security to the Israeli people and make safe havens, like Rambam Medical Center’s underground hospital and command center, possible.

Learn how you can help keep Israel safe now.

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