Project Spotlight: Face Masks to 3,000 Elderly

face masks for elderly during COVID-19 crisis

Credit:Ancho Gosh

His precious people are facing the worst wave of the coronavirus yet in the Holy Land. Thanks to your support, The Fellowship approved the distribution of disposal and reusable face masks to 3,000 elderly in Israel to keep them safe and healthy.

One of the greatest advantages of The Fellowship is that we are on the ground in Israel, so we are able to get a close look at Israeli society and understand the intricate and subtle needs of Israel’s most vulnerable populations. And then, because of faithful ministry family members like you, we’re able to respond quickly to those needs and make a tangible and godly impact … like protecting the elderly with face masks.

As the crisis continues, we continue to support those hit hardest by the crisis in Israel, and we are so grateful that you continue to help even while dealing with your own crises in America. Thank you for being a friend to Israel and her people!

Will you give a gift today to support His people in need?

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