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Making Connections in a Time of Isolation

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Making Connections in a Time of Isolation

The Fellowship's Miriam Lock reflects on how we can break through this isolation that has become so much a part of our experience and into the hearts of those around us.

former Soviet Union recipients

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Project Spotlight: Helping Holocaust Survivors in Need

Thanks to friends like you, The Fellowship has programs that meet the basic food, heating fuel, clothing, shelter, and medical needs of the elderly and aging Holocaust survivors around the world.

God sustains His people in the desert.

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The Keeping Presence of God

Bishop Lanier explains how as a people of faith, we have made it this far through the almighty power of God’s ability to sustain us, defend us, and provide for us.

Yitzhak Navon helps immigrant mother of 10 with her lesson, 1964

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Yitzhak Navon – President, Teacher, Jerusalemite

Yitzhak Navon was the first Israeli president born in the Holy City of Jerusalem and the first Mizrachi Jew to hold the office.

Dr. Clara Ambrus and her husband Julian

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Dr. Clara Ambrus – A Lifetime of Saving Lives

While a young medical student in Budapest during World War II, Dr. Clara Ambrus saved the lives of many Jews.

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