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Gilad Shalit salutes PM Netanyahu upon his return from captivity, October 18, 2011

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The Lord Does Not Despise His Captive People

Captured by Palestinian terrorists via their sinister terror tunnels, Gilad Shalit was held prisoner by Hamas for five years.


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Israeli Drones Help Florida Power Plant Spot Storm Damage

These high power drones can detect damage right away, changing how we react to the worst hurricanes, wildfires, and storms.


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Project Spotlight: Assisting in Fellowship

Thankfully, through our Assisting in Fellowship project, over 8,000 families across 140 cities in Israel will receive help with the purchase of food, medication, and other basic needs.

Holocaust Survivor Receives Honorary High School Diploma

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Holocaust Survivor Receives Honorary High School Diploma

At just seven years old, Miriam Schreiber, now 88, witnessed the Nazis invading Poland. Years later, after the war, she wanted to complete her education, but never had the opportunity – until now.

Marie-Rose Gineste with her bicycle

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‘All the Days of My Life’

Marie-Rose Gineste not only delivered - on her bicycle - a pro-Jewish and anti-Nazi letter to French churches, but also sheltered and saved many Jews during the Holocaust.

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