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Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 97th Birthday Amid Pandemic

Holocaust survivor, Ester, celebrates her birthday over a video call to stay connected to loved ones during the pandemic.

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Israel Startup to Donate Masks with Antiviral Tech to Healthcare Workers

We are so proud of the startup nation for showing kindness to these healthcare heroes who are taking care of the most vulnerable!

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Life in Israel Under the Threat of Coronavirus

The Fellowship's Yonit Rothchild is inspired by the kindness that surrounds her in Israel in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Project Spotlight: Helping Elderly and Holocaust Survivors in Israel Cope with Coronavirus

Right now, The Fellowship is on the ground in Israel helping the most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic, which is sweeping across the globe just as the Jewish people prepare to celebrate Passover.

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Can We Pray for You?

Please take a moment to share the concerns of your heart with us so that we can pray over you in the coming days. This is one way that The Fellowship seeks to bless you in return for your steadfast commitment to the ministry of blessing God’s people. May He bless you according to His promise in Genesis 12:3.

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