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New Handheld Sensor Alerts People to Allergens in Food

Israel21c reports that a new handheld sensor designed by Israeli innovators can help people with food allergies by detecting the common allergens from a small food sample.

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Project Spotlight: Emergency Funds to Elderly in Israel

Recently, The Fellowship’s Ami Farkas met Illiya, an elderly man living in Sderot, which is a community in southern Israel at risk for rocket attacks since it’s so close to Gaza. When Illiya heard alarms at night, he struggled to rush to a bomb shelter in time because of his age. He worried he’d be asleep and a rocket would hit his building while he was in his bed. Thankfully, The Fellowship was able to help.

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A Must-See Exhibit: ‘Auschwitz: Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.’

Inside this new exhibit in New York City, you’ll find 20 galleries with more than 700 original objects and 400 photographs reports JNS.

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America’s Future Depends on Our Relationship with Israel

World leaders should extend the same goodwill as the U.S. to the Jewish state and her people.

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Monday Devotional: City of the Great King

God is able to protect and defend us and will be our guide to the end of our lives.

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