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Faces of The Fellowship: Tatyana

Fellowship staff member Eva Geller visited several families in Ukraine ahead of a recent Fellowship Freedom Flight that brought 90 Ukrainian Jewish refugees to Israel. Here, Eva shares the story of her visit with Tatyana, a 46-year-old woman who made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) aboard this life-changing flight.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Lilia

Lilia, 69, shares an old, run-down home in Russia with her ailing husband, her 37-year-old daughter Eva, and her adult son. Lilia's husband, bed-bound after a stroke and suffering from a number of blood-related illnesses, suffers from lack of urinary control, and his sheets and clothes must be changed and washed every day. So you can frequently find Lilia and Eva hard at work in the bathroom, wringing out piles of wet clothes and attempting to drain water from their broken washing machine.

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Project Spotlight: Hadassah Hospital Trauma Unit

Recently, Rabbi Eckstein and other Israeli dignitaries were on hand for the dedication of Hadassah University Medical Center's new trauma department in Jerusalem. The Fellowship helped to fund the building of the new trauma department, and then allocated additional funds to build and equip two ICU trauma rooms within the Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

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Ask the Rabbi: What Is Security Like for Jews in Western Europe?

In this month's Ask the Rabbi, Rabbi Eckstein answers two important questions: What is the security situation of Jews in Western Europe, and why is it so difficult for elderly Jews to make aliyah?

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Pastors and Church Members Head to Holy Land

Pastors and members of a prominent African-American Baptist denomination are visiting Israel on a Fellowship-hosted mission trip.

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