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Project Spotlight: Hesed Centers

In Hebrew, hesed (or chesed) means lovingkindness, and offering this kind of care to those in need is one of the central tenets of Judaism. Throughout the former Soviet Union, Fellowship-supported Hesed Centers, a network of offices offering social services, have been providing lifesaving care to Jewish communities in need for years.

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Israelis You Should Know: Haim Harari

Haim Harari is an Israeli scientist who has made great contributions in the fields of physics and education.

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Rabbi Eckstein Urges Unity in America

Following America's divisive presidential election, Rabbi Eckstein addressed the largest Pentecostal group in America, urging Christians and Jews to come together and calling for healing.

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Saving a Jewish Girl from the Nazis by ‘Kidnapping’ Her

Hein Korpershoek, a 17-year-old Dutch boy, saved a 3-year-old Jewish girl from deportation and death by stealing her away from the Nazis who held her.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Veronica

Three-year-old Veronica lives with her mother, sister, and grandmother in a tiny apartment in Ukraine. They try their best to survive on her mother's salary and her grandmother's pension - combined only $185 a month - but it simply isn't enough. Learn how The Fellowship is now offering hope to this sweet, sickly girl.

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