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Project Spotlight: Christmas Food Cards for Needy Christians

The needy in Israel aren’t just Jewish; there are also impoverished Christians who struggle every day with the impossible decision of buying food or medicine. They simply don’t have enough money for both. The realities of poverty sting even more at the holidays. To help these Christians in need, The Fellowship has provided supermarket vouchers to hundreds of needy Christian families throughout Israel. These vouchers will help the families celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday with dignity.

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Israelis You Should Know: Gideon Sa’ar

Gideon Sa'ar is an Israeli politician who served in the Knesset from 2003 to 2014, and also held the posts of Education Minister and Minister of the Interior.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Margarita

Seven-year-old Margarita lives in a tiny apartment in a large Soviet-style apartment block in central Kiev, Ukraine. All Margarita can see outside her window is a mall and a busy intersection, basically many feet of concrete and cars. Inside, things are not much better. The wallpaper is so old and faded it has totally lost all its color.

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She Called Them Mommy and Daddy

This is the story of two-year-old Yelena, a Jewish girl who was sheltered and saved from the Nazis by a Christian couple in what is now Belarus.

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Project Spotlight: Tikva Children’s Home

Fellowship-supported Tikva Children’s Home cares for homeless, abandoned, and abused Jewish children in Ukraine and neighboring regions of the former Soviet Union. Through their three children’s homes – an infants’ and toddlers’ home for ages 0-6, a girls’ home for ages 7-16, and a boys’ home for ages 7-16 – they provide loving care and a quality education that emphasizes Jewish faith. The goal is to empower the children to grow into self-sufficient individuals who give back to the community.

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