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Trauma Kits

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Project Spotlight: Trauma Kits to First Response Teams in Israel

In 2020, The Fellowship partnered with United Hatzalah to provide 200 oxygen kits and 160 trauma kits to first-response volunteers.

Hermann Graebe, who saved Jews and whose testimony was heard at Nuremberg trials

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Testimony of the Holocaust from a Righteous Gentile

A German engineer who was witness to atrocities during the Holocaust, Hermann Graebe saved Jewish lives and his testimony helped bring Nazis to justice.

Ethiopian family standing in front of house

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Faces of The Fellowship: Pekado and Katama Make Aliyah from Ethiopia

Imagine trying to raise six children in a room that’s only nine feet by nine feet. This was Pekado and Katama’s challenge in Ethiopia.

Uzi Gal, Inventor of the Uzi submachine gun

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The Inventor of the Uzi

Uziel Gal was an Israeli gun designer, best remembered as the inventor and namesake of the Uzi submachine gun.

6 Israeli Devices That Will Make Our Homes and Lives Smarter In 2021

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6 Israeli Devices That Will Make Our Homes and Lives Smarter In 2021

Israeli innovations are following the trend towards smart devices in 2021.

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