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Monday Devotional: Our Children, Our Future

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Monday Devotional: The Power of One More Prayer

It’s not that we get God to change his mind by our repetitive prayers. It’s that we change ourselves through our many prayers.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Maria

Old age has made Maria homebound. She must wipe away tears as she sifts through old photo albums ... see how The Fellowship is helping her!

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin with Ayelet Shaked

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Ayelet Shaked: A Powerful Figure in Israeli Politics

Ayelet Shaked is an Israeli politician and engineer who has been touted as a possible successor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Breakthrough Finds Leftover Cancer Cells in Real Time During Surgery

Israel21c reports on a new innovation by Israeli researchers that allows doctors to get lab results on cancer cells much more quickly during surgery.

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Project Spotlight: Caring for the Holy Land’s Warriors

As Israel's soldiers battle COVID-19 away from family and friends, you show them that Christians and Jews around the world care for them.

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