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We Must Unite to Fight

Writing at Fox News, Yael calls on Christians and Jews to come together to battle the worsening anti-Semitism we're witnessing around the world.

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Fellowship

We are so grateful for friends like you who continue to support Israel and her people!

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Faces of The Fellowship: Fredirika

Fredirika was born 93 years ago in a small Hungarian village that was later claimed by Romania after World War II. And her youth was shattered by the war.

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From Cellar to Supper

Sisters Dora and Shifra Reznik lost their entire family to the Holocaust, and would have lost their lives if not for the kindness of a Tatar family.

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With Smart Hydrants, Israel Shows off Its Water Tech

A new smart device by HydrantTech makes sure every drop of water counts reports the Times of Israel.

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