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Project Spotlight: Yad LaKashish

In Israel, the group that perhaps has it hardest of all is the poor, elderly immigrant population. These elderly came to Israel late in life and struggle day by day to make ends meet in a society that is alien to them. Fellowship-supported Yad LaKashish (which means “lifeline for the elderly”) provides an opportunity for these needy elderly to work and retain their dignity during their final years.

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G’mar Tov from The Fellowship

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement and the most sacred day on the Hebrew calendar. In honor of the holiday, we’ll suspend activity on the Bridge blog, and return with fresh content on Thursday, October 13.

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The Significance of “Chai” in Hebrew!

Watch now and learn more about the significance of "Chai" in Hebrew! You will learn why the number 18 carries great meaning in the Jewish faith, and how you can use the concept of "Chai" to help needy Jews in Israel today! 

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Israelis You Should Know: Adi Ran

Adi Ran is an Israeli singer and songwriter who has been called "the Bruce Springsteen of religious music."

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8 Reasons Why We Love Israel in the Fall

Israel's beautiful landscapes, bike trails, and city festivals make autumn a fun time to explore the Jewish state!

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