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Project Spotlight: Renovations at Neve Michael Children’s Home

Thanks to our wonderful donors, one of the oldest homes at the Fellowship-supported Neve Michael, which was in desperate need of repair, was recently renovated! Now the home has more open spaces, which has turned this once dull and cramped home into a bright, welcoming space for the children. Additionally, two new rooms for after-school activities were added. 

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Four Reasons King David Chose Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

While we take it for granted that David captured Jerusalem and made it Israel's capital, we need to remember that at the time this was a surprising move. No judge or king had established any capital, let alone one in a place that was difficult to conquer. Why did David choose Jerusalem? Jewish scholars and historians suggest four reasons.

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Israelis You Should Know: Gertrud Kraus

Gertrud Kraus was a pioneering Israeli dancer and instructor of the arts.

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The Miracle of Israel’s Christian Friends

A Fellowship writer in the Holy Land rejoices at the Christian friends he recently made, as well as the biblical prophecy he sees taking place in the modern state of Israel.

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Why Israelis Need to Know That Christians Care

A Fellowship writer explains to two young Israelis that Christians around the world care for Israel and the Jewish people, and why this bond is so important.

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