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Faces of The Fellowship: Alla

At first glance, Alla, 74, and Olga seem like sisters. By the warm way they greet each other and the care in Olga's voice as she inquires after Alla's health, it's clear they have a close relationship. In reality, Alla and Olga first met last year, when Olga became Alla's homecare worker, provided by The Fellowship. Alla suffers from cerebral palsy, which has kept her homebound for the past eight years, as has her increasingly failing eyesight. For Alla, Olga has been a lifesaver.

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Aren’t You Ashamed to Make War on Jewish Children?

Andrée Geulen was a Belgian schoolteacher who hid hundreds of Jewish children from the Nazis.

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Remembering Israel’s Heroes

The Fellowship's Ami Farkas writes about a Memorial Day visit with a mother whose son gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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Project Spotlight: Helping IDF Veterans Who Struggle with PTSD

With both Israel Memorial Day and Israel Independence Day being celebrated this week, we are reminded of the many sacrifices that have been made to create and sustain the Holy Land. While remembering those who have given their lives is vitally important, so is caring for the heroes who survived and who carry the scars – both visible and invisible – of their time in battle.

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Terror Victims Share Grief and Strategies for Healing

At a Fellowship-hosted event ahead of Israel Memorial Day, families of terror victims came together in Jerusalem.

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