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Showing God’s Love to People in Need

Fellowship summer intern Claire Nance shares about a recent visit she and Rabbi Eckstein paid to a Bedouin community in Israel's Negev Desert.

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Israelis You Should Know: Imi Lichtenfeld

An Israeli martial artist, Imi Lichtenfeld developed the Krav Maga self-defense system adopted by the IDF and Israeli security forces.

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Caring for ‘the Least of These’

Fellowship summer intern Claire Nance shares about her recent visits to several Fellowship projects that provide for those struggling with poverty.

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Perfectly Natural to Help People in Mortal Danger

Gerda Valentiner was a Danish teacher who not only joined the Resistance against the Nazis, but rescued numerous Jewish children from death, helping them reach safety.

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Project Spotlight: Susan’s House

The Fellowship proudly supports Susan’s House, an organization that helps at risk youth in Israel develop professional skills to rise above their desperate situations. Many of these youths come from disadvantaged homes or have parents who abuse or neglect them. But at the Fellowship-supported Susan’s House, these at risk young adults are taught a new vocation, so they can one day enter the workforce with confidence. In the meantime, this Fellowship-supported organization also provides them with food and other basic needs.

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