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Faces of The Fellowship: Yafim

Fourteen-year-old Yafim suffers from asthma, and has recently been diagnosed with cysts on both his lungs as well, further impeding his breathing and his ability to exert himself in any game or physically demanding activity. "I feel trapped," said Yafim when he was asked how it feels to live with his health challenges. "I am trapped in this tiny, filthy, and cold one-room apartment. I am trapped in my body that won't let me run and play like other children my age."  

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Project Spotlight: Azimut Mentoring Program

The Fellowship-supported Azimut program reaches out to young adults who need help finding their way in life. The focus is on 21- to 35-year-olds with an emphasis on Ethiopian youth who are struggling financially. Fellowship mentors help these young adults get on track to financial independence and map out a plan for their future.

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Hidden in a Hayloft

The story of a five-year-old Jewish girl who was hidden by a family of poor Polish Christians during the Holocaust.

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Israelis You Should Know: Hayim Nahman Bialik

A pioneer of modern Hebrew poetry who gave voice to modern Jewish life, Bialik came to be known as Israel's national poet.

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Kim Clement – 1956-2016

Kim Clement - a true friend of Israel, the Jewish people, and The Fellowship - passed away this morning.

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