Orthodox Female Students Develop Wireless Oxygen Monitor

Orthodox Female Students Develop Wireless Oxygen Monitor


Israeli innovators start young. This year, at the annual Jerusalem College of Technology’s hackathon, the winning team developed a wireless oxygen monitor for infants:

The June hackathon produced a number of projects. The winning team, comprised of five software engineering and computer science students, came up with a product that enables wireless monitoring that attaches to infants’ toes via a comfortable-to-wear-sock.

This solution is meant to monitor oxygen in infants’ bloodstream, a process that usually involves an uncomfortable device that’s clipped on to a finger and is attached to wires.

“It was really amazing to be able to take this thing from zero, from just a challenge presented, and develop this tremendous product that can create real change and help a lot of people,” says Hadass Wittow, a third-year computer science student who was part of the winning team.

“We slept about three hours out of the 44 hours we were taking part in this hackathon, but it was really special for us.”

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