Old City Sites, Lanes Now Accessible for Travelers in Wheelchairs

Old City Sites, Lanes Now Accessible for Travelers in Wheelchairs

Credit:Photo courtesy of Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Now tourists who are disabled have better access to many of Jerusalem’s popular sites after a 9-year renovation project reports the Times of Israel:

Our wheelchair took a long loop around the entire Temple Mount, which brought us to sights that we would have missed if we had exited by any of the non-accessible gates. This way, we got a look at the back of the blocked Golden Gate…

Later, we easily wheeled to the the Western Wall, where Jews can be found worshiping 24 hours a day. Although this is only a small section of the retaining wall that surrounded the Second Temple, its proximity to the Sanctuary has bestowed upon it a hallowed status. Over the centuries, when they had access to the Holy City, Jews would stand in front of this sole remnant of the Temple and mourn its loss.

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