Israelis from Belarus Arrive in Israel on Fellowship Freedom Flight

young new Israeli and olim (immigrant)


Amid the corornavirus pandemic, a group of 36 olim (immigrants) arrived in the Holy Land on April 26 from Belarus with help from The Fellowship. We continue to bring His children to the Holy Land when it is safe and possible. This includes 7-year-old Antanina and her parents Artur and Svitlana!

All the new Israelis agreed to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel), knowing they would have to immediately go to into quarantine for 14 days in designated hotels. This shows just how important it is to them to have the opportunity to live in their homeland … and how much hope faithful Fellowship friends offer them by supporting Fellowship Freedom Flights.

To pass the time in quarantine, Antanina made Israeli flags! Her arts and crafts project is just in time to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, which begins the evening of April 28th.  And her smile shows just how much gratitude and joy these new Israelis feel to finally be home.

Learn more about our aliyah efforts during the pandemic here. 

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