Israel Preps for Searing Heatwave

Israel Preps for Searing Heatwave


The summer is already a dangerous time in Israel for the Holy Land’s most vulnerable people. But that danger is about to rise with the temperature on the thermometer. The Times of Israel reports on the scorching heatwave Israel is about to experience, with Israeli health officials warning of the risks posed to all, but especially the young and the old:

“Temperatures will be higher than average in most places around the country,” the ministry said in a statement, citing the Israel Meteorological Service.

The ministry advised the public “to avoid exposure to the heat and sun as much as is possible, to avoid nonessential physical exertion, to be careful to drink water, and to be in air-conditioned areas as much as possible.”

It urged the elderly and those with chronic diseases to be particularly careful to heed this guidance.

Join us in helping provide aid and respite to Israel’s neediest during this especially dangerous time of year.

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