Fellowship Joins Forces with Christian Friend

One of the many benefits of the bridge building efforts begun by Rabbi Eckstein and continued by The Fellowship to this day is the creation of wonderful relationships between people of faith, whether Christian or Jew.

And now Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein is joining forces with one of our kindest and most compassionate Christian friends, Governor Mike Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee has been a longtime friend of the Jewish state and her people, stating, “I strongly believe that supporting Israel is one of the most meaningful things a believer can do.” He has supported Israel through his words as a public figure, a politician, an evangelical pastor, and a Bible-believing Christian.

But most of all, Governor Huckabee hasn’t just shined his light and shown his friendship with his words; he has done so through his actions and his prayers. A visitor to the Holy Land on many occasions, experiencing Israel and her people has long inspired Governor Huckabee.

And this man of God is inspiring us at The Fellowship, which he calls “Israel’s most impactful relief organization,” through his words, his actions, his prayers, and his friendship. We look forward to, together, bringing blessings to God’s people.

Watch our new video following Yael Eckstein and Governor Mike Huckabee as they bring tangible blessings on your behalf to God’s people in the Holy Land.

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