Faces of The Fellowship: Yonatan

Faces of The Fellowship: Yonatan

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Six-year-old Yonatan lives with his 15-year-old brother, Shahar, and their mom, Chani, in Israel. Chani works as a clerk in a building materials company, a full-time, minimum-wage job that doesn’t cover all of her family’s needs.

Despite their poor financial situation, Chani is upbeat and does everything she can to give her boys a good life. She sleeps in the living room so her sons can have their apartment’s one bedroom. And she’s used her meager funds to spruce up their home so her boys aren’t embarrassed to have friends over.

“My children are my life and I want to give them everything they deserve,” Chani says. “I would do anything for their happiness.”

One of the things she wants to provide is food for the Jewish holidays, like the recent High Holy Days. Every year Chani worries about how she’ll be able to provide her children with the products she needs to set the table in a way that honors the holiday and her family. Thanks to The Fellowship and our annual food card distribution before the holidays, she no longer has to worry.

“Food for the holidays is one of the most basic needs I can think of,” Chani says. “Every year I pray that The Fellowship will give us this food card. Although I don’t know who the individual donors are, I know that they are Christians who love the Jewish people. I pray for you with all my heart and wish you a year of peace, success, and security.”

Thanks to your generosity, Yonatan, Chani, and Shahar will have a good year as well.

Learn how you can help others in need like Yonatan, Chani, and Shahar receive lifesaving help. 

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