Faces of The Fellowship: Uriel

Faces of The Fellowship: Uriel


Uriel opens the door to his humble public-housing apartment and is overcome with emotion upon seeing the food box and grocery card sent from Fellowship donors.

He, his wife, and their eight children live in a remote and widely impoverished desert community in Israel. Their apartment building is covered by vandalism and the dust of the desert.

Uriel is unable to find work. His wife used to work in a kindergarten, but a spinal injury forced her to take disability leave. Their financial situation is dire. After paying the rent and utility bills, there is no money left for food. Sometimes they can’t even pay the bills. The daily cost of living is more than their meager income.

As part of the With Dignity and Fellowship program, Uriel’s family receives monthly food boxes to help ensure their survival. The Fellowship has also provided much-needed glasses, warm clothes and blankets in the winter, and helped restore service when the gas was shut off.

“I can’t say enough good words about The Fellowship,” says Uriel, choking back tears. He says that they are able to celebrate  significant holidays with dignity the way these sacred occasions should be celebrated only because of the generosity of the Fellowship’s donors.

“It warms my heart to know that people thousands of miles away who don’t know me personally want to help,” he says. “I want them to know that we think of them when we sit at the table. There are no words for what I want to say to them.” Uriel’s eyes well up again, and he is left speechless. He tries to convey his gratefulness, but can only shake his head, overcome with emotion.

After a few moments, he speaks. “It strengthens my faith to know that people want to help. They are doing what God wants, for us to help others. God willing, there will be a revolution in my own life so that I may help others.”

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