Faces of The Fellowship: Olga Finds Support

The Fellowship  |  July 29, 2021

(Photo: FJC/Victor Adjamsky)

It is a challenging job to raise your child as a single mother with no support, and sometimes it can feel lonely. That’s how Olga 36, felt. She and her daughter Katya, 10, lived in a small town in Ukraine. Olga brought in a meager income that left her with barely enough money for putting a meal on the table at the end of the day. “It is a terrible feeling, knowing that your growing daughter will go to sleep hungry and cold. I felt overwhelmed with guilt and sadness and had no one to share the burden with.”

Then, the pandemic made life in Ukraine unlivable for the mother and daughter. Olga lost her job, which was her only source of income. That’s when The Fellowship became their lifeline.

We began supporting them with food and medicine. Now, Katya is enrolled in a Jewish school, which she loves, and Olga is looking for work. Representatives from The Fellowship have been there for them throughout the transition, supporting them emotionally, financially, and practically.

Olga is learning more about the history and traditions of the Jewish people while looking for a job. The family has also started to keep kosher and they have asked the community to help them put a mezuzah on their door.

“For ten years I raised Katya on my own. No one asked me if I was okay, and no one provided the support that I so desperately needed,” says Olga. “Now I have a community which feels like my family. I have vouchers for purchasing food at the grocery store until I am able to provide for us once again. I cannot express how deeply grateful I am. You are our saviors.”

With The Fellowship, you can help families like Olga’s today.

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