Faces of The Fellowship: Oleksandr

Faces of The Fellowship: Oleksandr


Oleksandr just took a Fellowship Freedom Flight to Israel, in order to escape war-torn Ukraine.

“I lived in the Donetsk region that happens to be situated along the front line. The infrastructure of the town is totally destroyed and has no basic civilizational benefits. I lost my job,” he says.

Oleksandr had been working for a university in Donetsk, and lost his only source of income in 2014, which is when the conflict started. This loss was a shock, but slowly he tried to get back on his feet.

In 2015, he started volunteering with organizations that were providing assistance to those suffering from the conflict in eastern Ukraine. “But as soon as these projects started to fade, I have taken the decision to make aliyah [immigrate to Israel],” he explains.

“I have chosen The Fellowship mainly because many of the people that I happened to know have used the aliyah services you provide,” says Oleh. Overall, he is very grateful to The Fellowship and our donors for making a new life in Israel possible!

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