Dead Sea Revival Project Sets Sail

Dead Sea Revival Project Sets Sail

ISRAEL21c reports that Israeli artists are joining together in a Dead Sea Revival Project. They hope to give tourists a better understanding of its splendor, especially now with the discovery of its lowering water levels:

For the 50th annual Earth Day, Bedein and Fruchter will launch an international Dead Sea photo competition on April 22.

They also intend to make better use of the Dead Sea as a meaningful tourist experience through an information center and contemporary environmental art.

“We have big future plans for building a virtual art gallery, and then the very first physical contemporary art museum at the Dead Sea,” they tell ISRAEL21c.

They are working toward this goal in cooperation with the Dead Sea area municipalities and with Israeli artist Sigalit Landau, famous for her art installations of household items and clothing encrusted with salt crystals after soaking for extended periods in the salty sea.

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