A List of Must-Have Apps for Visitors to Israel

A List of Must-Have Apps for Visitors to Israel

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If you’re traveling to the innovation nation, NoCamels gives you a list of the best smartphone apps to make your visit easier.

Taxis and shared rides

Taxi apps have definitely added a shot of improved service to this wedge of the transportation market. When you use an app — Gett, Yango or Raxi  — to hail a cab, there’s no need to worry about the rate. The apps automatically use the meter price within cities or offer a fixed price for out of town adventures. Customers also rate drivers so you can usually be sure of no haggling surprises at the end of your ride.

In Tel Aviv, there’s a half-bus/half-cab type of ride known as Bubble Dan (the Israeli version of the shared ride service Via, founded by Israeli entrepreneurs in New York).

The shared-ride app lets you book a seat in a 10-passenger van and it will come pick you up at the nearest bus stop to you. The service picks up and drops passengers off at bus stops but creates an optimized route depending on its passengers. The service is about $4, double a regular bus but much cheaper than a cab.

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