8 Reasons Why We Love Israel in the Fall

The Fellowship  |  October 27, 2017

8 Reasons Why We Love Israel in the Fall

Fall brings opportunities for apple picking, bird watching, hiking and more in Israel. Check out the top 8 reasons why Israel21c loves Israel in the fall!

1. Apples and honey

Israelis gobble an estimated 15,000 tons of apples and about 1,600 tons of honey during the month of Rosh Hashana. That’s because Jews across the world wish for a sweet new year by munching on apples dipped in honey.

Some 118,000 tons of apples are harvested from August through November in the Galilee and Golan Heights. The largest Israeli grower, Beresheet, produces Jonathan, Granny Smith, Starking (Hermon), Pink Lady, Golden Delicious and Gala varieties.

2. Half a billion beautiful birds

Every November and April, at least 500 million birds of more than 500 different species pass through Israel on their way to and from Africa, Asia and Europe. One of the best places to witness this amazing sight is the Agamon Hula Ornithology and Nature Park.

The sixth annual Hula Valley Bird Festival is scheduled from November 20-27. On the final weekend of the festival, participants will have the option of traveling to the Negev to observe rare desert birds and raptors.

Read the full list here at Israel21c.org.

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