6 Fabulous Products to Keep You Safe this Summer

6 Fabulous Products to Keep You Safe this Summer


Israeli innovations can help you play it safe this summer! Writers at Israel21c list their top six innovations:

Lishtot TestDrop Pro: Water-quality lab in your palm

Named one of TIME Magazine’s 2018 Genius Companies, Lishtot answers the worrying vacation question: “Is this water safe to drink?” Because if it’s not, one sip could ruin your whole trip.

Lishtot (Hebrew for “to drink”) developed its reusable little gadget, TestDrop Pro, in the knowledge that tap water (and also much of the bottled water) in many countries is contaminated with viruses, bacteria, parasites, and/or harmful chemicals just waiting to inflict a case of travelers’ diarrhea.

Put TestDrop Pro on your keychain and you have an instant water-testing lab wherever you roam. Without ever touching the water – whether in a cup or sealed bottle – the $49.95 sensor device takes just two seconds to signal if the water is safe to drink (blue light) or not (red light).

Read the full list here.

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