14 Fun Facts About the Holiday Season in Israel

14 Fun Facts About the Holiday Season in Israel


As the High Holy Days continue, Israel21c shares some fun facts about what makes this time of year so special for Jews around the world:

1. How many days you will have off from work changes each year and depends on the moon

Jewish holidays are set by a lunar calendar, which can be both a bit confusing and awe-inspiring (there’s nothing like looking up at the brilliant super moon perfectly aligned with the harvest holiday and wondering how the heck our ancestors had it all figured out).

Now let’s talk days off: Jewish holidays start at sundown the night before, which often translates to a half day of work on the day leading up to a holiday…

2. It’s a healthy holiday, and here’s why

Honey and pomegranates are the main symbols of Rosh Hashana in Israel (sorry, apples!) and so are consumed in plenty. Natural bee honey is known to be a healthier sweetener than is refined white sugar.

Pomegranates are said to have the same effect on the cardiovascular system as red wine, which offsets the high fat intake of holiday feasts (thank goodness!).

To be perfectly correct, the “land of milk and honey” reference in the Bible is said to be about date honey, or silan…

Read the full list here.

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