10 of the Best Seaside Restaurants in Israel

10 of the Best Seaside Restaurants in Israel


Are you hoping to dine by the sea on your next trip to Israel? Our friends at ISRAEL21c share the best seaside restaurants in Israel.

Check out the first one on their list:

1. Herbert Samuel

As classy as it gets, the 2019 World Luxury Restaurant Award-winning Herbert Samuel fittingly sits in Herzliya’s prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Complementing the scenery of the surrounding marina and seafront on display from the intimate enclaves of the sleek modern dining room, Chef Mor Cohen and his team send delicious carefully constructed gourmet plates out from the kitchen.

Menu items includes such dishes as cauliflower roasted with mountain herbs served with pumpkin seed and sage cream, black rice, and crispy smoked lamb; and veal chop with a “silk road” seasonal cherry sauce served with whipped corn cream, as well as others that are of French, Mediterranean and world influence.

This is a top spot winning the good fight for modern gourmet kosher cuisine in Israel.

Read the full list here.

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