10 Innovative Types of Face Masks Developed in Israel

The Fellowship  |  November 25, 2020

adult woman, white shirt, red sweatshirt wrapped around waist, face mask

At the beginning of the year, wearing a face mask felt strange. But now it’s just a way of life — which is why Israeli innovators have started to use their creativity to bring you all types of masks for many different situations. NoCamels tells us more about their anti-viral mask:

Ramat Gan-based company Sonovia has created patented technology that mechanically infuses metal-oxide nanoparticles onto textiles during an ultrasonic-assisted impregnation process with the specialized chemical compound, which turns the textiles into highly effective blocks against bacteria and fungi. This novel, ultrasound-based antimicrobial coating is applied to fabric and textiles.

The SonoMask from the Israeli startup has been shown to be at least 99 percent effective in neutralizing the SARS-COV2 virus within 30 minutes of exposure, according to lab tests, the company announced in June.

Sonovia has sent samples of its antimicrobial fabric to two medical labs in China as well as to healthcare facilities in Israel. It is conducting a pilot at Adler Plastic in Italy to use its product in vehicles and public transport.

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