Yael's Holy Land Reflections Yael Eckstein delivers emergency aid to elderly woman in the north.

God’s Presence Is Active in Israel

Yael gives us some words of encouragement that not only is God is active and present in this war, but that He is working through The Fellowship and all our supporters.
Fellowship Blog Fellowship volunteer handing an elderly woman a blue bag.

Project Spotlight: Shavuot Distribution

One of the ways we help elderly and Holocaust survivors in Israel is through our With Dignity and Fellowship program.
Stand For Israel Blog The site of the Re'im music festival massacre, in southern Israel, June 9, 2024.

How a Prominent Gazan Family Secretly Kept Three Hostages

The Jerusalem Post asks how was this possible that three hostages were hidden in the home of a well-known Gazan family.
Fellowship Blog Bishop Paul Lanier at Auschwitz.

The Indomitable Faith of the Jewish People

Last week, Bishop Paul Lanier, The Fellowship’s Board Chairman, went to Poland to visit the notorious Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.
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Hope in a Public Bomb Shelter

The Fellowship helps families forced to hide in public bomb shelters by providing Emergency Shelter Kits.

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Let’s Make Each Day Count!

On today’s podcast for Shavuot, Yael shares Bible verses that direct us to count each day in a way that celebrates the moment.