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A Woman of Valor

What does it mean to be a woman of valor? Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein invites you to discover the character traits of key Bible women in this complimentary download.


What Is the Tabernacle?

While people of all religions are accustomed to connecting with God at houses of worship today, this was not always the case. Long before the Jewish people prayed in synagogues, God communicated with them in…


What Is Shabbat?

Discover the roots and meaning of the holy Sabbath. Find out why it’s important to set aside time for rest and contemplation every week.

Bible Studies

The Life of Esther

Learn more about Esther, the heroine of the Purim story, whose courageous stand against persecution saved the lives of the Jewish people with this complimentary Bible study.


What Is Shalom?

The concept of “shalom,” meaning “peace,” is deeply intertwined with the Jewish faith. In conversational Hebrew, shalom also means both hello and goodbye. When we ask someone how they are doing, we say “ma shlomcha?”…


What Are the Seven Species of Israel?

Known in Jewish tradition as the Seven Species of Israel (Shiv’at HaMinim), the two grains and five fruits referenced in this Scripture have always held tremendous historical and spiritual value for the Jewish people.