Join the Fun! Learn Hebrew!

As Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day on May 22, impress your family and friends by learning some words relating to God’s Holy City! You can learn more about Jerusalem here.

Ir Hashalom

The Hebrew word for "City of Peace" is Ir Hashalom.

Hebrew Translation = עיר השלום

Ir Habirah Shel Elokim

The Hebrew word for "God's Eternal Capital" is Ir Habirah Shel Elokimt.

Hebrew Translation = עיר הבירה הנצחית של אלוקים

Har Tzion

he Hebrew word for "Mount Zion" is Har Tzion. Hebrew Translation = הַר צִיּוֹן

Ir Atikah

The Hebrew word for "Old City" is Ir Atikah. Hebrew Translation = עיר עתיקה


The Hebrew word for "Solomon" is Shlomo. Hebrew Translation = שלמה


The Hebrew word for "Jerusalem" is Yerushalayim.

Hebrew Translation = ירושלים

Har Habayit

The Hebrew word for "Temple Mount" is Har Habayit.

Hebrew Translation = הר הבית

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