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Join the fun and learn more about Joseph, who had big dreams, a beautiful multi-color coat, and some very jealous brothers, with our activity pages just for you! You can read all about Joseph’s dream in the book of Genesis, Chapter 37,  and how he helped explain the great Pharaoh’s dream in Chapter 41.

Joseph and His Dream

Joseph dreamed that his brothers' bundles of wheat would bow to his. (Genesis 37:1-11).  Identify the bundles of wheat that are bending by coloring them with your favorite color.  Use a different color for the others.

Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dream Coloring Page

Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream Coloring Page

Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams (Genesis 41:1-36).  Show your creativity with this coloring page using vibrant colors!
Joseph’s Coat Color-by-Number

Joseph's Coat Color-by-Number

Create a beautiful “coat of many colors” for Joseph, using paints or crayons. You can follow the number code provided, or select your own colors. Read about Joseph’s famous coat and the trouble it caused for him in Genesis 37:1-11.
Preparing for the Famine Maze

Preparing for the Famine Maze

Help the cattle find food that Joseph had stored to prepare for the famine. (Genesis 41:1-49)

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