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The Fellowship Family Corner: Home Activities for Spiritual Wellness

Shalom, friends! Wherever you may be right now in the world, we all are experiencing the same pandemic crisis. With many of us confined to our homes during this crisis, The Fellowship has collected a variety of downloadable educational materials for you and your family to help boost your spiritual well-being. You can take an online course and learn about the keys to God’s love for His people and His land, Israel. There’s a wonderful study and video for children on the same topic. Or take a quiz to test your knowledge on the Jewish faith, culture and history. Whatever your interests, we will continue to refresh this page with new materials weekly, so come back often!

What Is Purim?

Purim is the most joyous holidays on the Jewish calendar, celebrating the story of Queen Esther whose courageous act saved the Jewish people.

Fun with Words!

Fun With Words!

Stimulate your brain cells with our NEW WORD SEARCH AND CROSSWORD PUZZLE! This week's activities are related to Purim.  Discover words related to this joyous holiday!
Join the Fun! Learn Hebrew!

Join the Fun! Learn Hebrew!

On February 25th, we celebrate the joyous holiday of Purim. This month, we have provided a few words and phrases related to angels to help you expand your Hebrew language vocabulary.
The Life of Esther, a Bible Study by IFCJ

The Life of Esther

Learn more about Esther, the heroine of the Purim story, whose courageous stand against persecution saved the lives of the Jewish people with this complimentary Bible study.
Yael joyously celebrates Purim with two colorful party goers

Purim Quiz

Purim is the most joyous celebration on the Jewish calendar. Find out how much you know about this holiday inspired by biblical events by taking our quiz.

Purim Activities for Kids

Purim Activities for Kids

Join the fun and learn more about Purim with our coloring pages, puzzles, and other activities just for kids!

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