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Yael Eckstein smiles while sharing a family hug with her kids

The Fellowship Family Corner: Home Activities for Spiritual Wellness

Shalom, friends! Wherever you may be right now in the world, we all are experiencing the same pandemic crisis. With many of us confined to our homes during this crisis, The Fellowship has collected a variety of downloadable educational materials for you and your family to help boost your spiritual well-being.

The Keys to I.S.R.A.E.L Continuing Education Course

Join Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein as she introduces The Fellowship's new online learning class, The Keys to ISRAEL.Through these seven lessons, we will learn about the fundamental keys to understanding God's love for His people and land, based on the acrostic I.S.R.A.E.L. Each letter introduces you to a key component in understanding Israel’s mission and purpose. Click here to sign up for the Keys to Israel continuing education class, using the code: Keys2Israel. Begin your journey today!

Fun with Words!

Stimulate your brain cells with our NEW WORD SEARCH AND CROSSWORD PUZZLE! This week's activities are related to Purim.  Discover words related to this joyous holiday!

Keys to I.S.R.A.E.L. for Kids!

Introduce your children to God's special love for the land of Israel and the Jewish people with our Keys to I.S.R.A.E.L. teaching series -- perfect for ages 6-10. Each lesson comes with a teacher's guide, and colorful videos.

Purim Overview

Read this overview of Purim, the joyous celebration of the heroine Esther, and how she bravely saved her people from Haman's evil plot to destroy all the Jews.
Black and white drawing of Moses Parting the Red Sea cover of Miracles: God's Signs and Wonders

Miracles: God's Signs and Wonders

Download Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's newest teaching resource on miracles. What is the nature of miracles? What do we as Christians and Jews believe about miracles and faith? Find out more in this fascinating study!
The Life of Abraham purple booklet cover.

The Life of Abraham - Our Incredible Patriarch Bible Study

Download our free Bible Study to learn more about God's incredible promises to Abraham, and how those promises extend through the ages to us today.

The Life of David - The Ideal King

Download our complimentary Bible study to learn more about David, a simple shepherd boy who rose to the very throne of Israel.
Father happily embraces young son in a hug once arriving in Israel after making Aliyah

Keep Moving Up

When a Jewish family moves to Israel, we refer to it in Hebrew as “making aliyah.” Aliyah means “ascent.” Moving to Israel is seen as ascending spiritually.

Born in Jerusalem

The Fellowship's Yonit Rothchild talks about the highlight of her aliyah (immigration to Israel) — the birth of her son in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Sukkot - Thanksgiving: An Act of Joy and Humility

Download our complimentary Bible study about Sukkot, the Festival of Booths. This eight-day celebration occurs four days after Yom Kippur.
Yael prepares for Sukkot

Sukkot - The Festival of Booths

Learn the important message of Sukkot as Yael Eckstein tells us about the joyous festival of Sukkot, and how spending time and making memories in the family sukkah help bring God's glory to our world.

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