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Welcome to The Fellowship’s Resource Library. You will find Bible studies, our latest Fellowship educational booklets, and a wealth of information related to Jewish holidays and observances. You can search for information either by topic, or by the type of resource, such as video, PDF, or audio file. As we are always adding new resources, come back and visit us often.

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The Jewish Roots of Christianity: Purim

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein explains the Jewish celebration of Purim and its origins in the book of Esther in this informative video.



In his popular book How Firm a Foundation, Rabbi Eckstein explains about the observance of Purim, the most joyous festival in the Jewish year.


Sukkot -- The Time of Our Happiness

Learn more about the biblically mandated festival,Sukkot, from the inspirational teachings found in Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's book, Holy Days of Israel.


Sukkot - A Time to Give Thanks

Listen to this podcast from Holy Land Moments, as Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein explains how Sukkot is a time of thanksgiving.


Sukkot - A Time of Joy

Listen to this podcast from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's radio program, Holy Land Moments, as he explains how Sukkot is a time of thanksgiving.


Sukkot and the Coming Messiah

Listen to this podcast from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's radio program, Holy Land Moments, as he explains how the messianic era is tied to Sukkot.


Celebrating Sukkot in Israel

Listen as Yael Eckstein talks about her experiences celebrating Sukkot in Israel on this podcast from Holy Land Moments.


Experiencing God's Presence at Sukkot

In her book, Holy Land Reflections, Yael Eckstein shares how she experiences God's presence during Sukkot.

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Celebrating Sukkot

Learn how the Sukkot celebration today includes a huge parade in Jerusalem of non-Jews from around the world showing solidarity with Israel.


What is Sukkot?

Read this brief overview to learn more about the joyous celebration of Sukkot.



In his book How Firm a Foundation, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein explains more about the biblically mandated festival known as Sukkot or Feast of the Tabernacles.


Recipes for the High Holy Days

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is a time of celebration and introspection. Many of these themes are best expressed through the special foods traditionally served during this holiday. Try some of these traditional recipes for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


Yom Kippur – The Holiest Day of the Year

Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the Jewish year. Listen now as President and CEO Yael Eckstein talk about the Jewish perspective of repentance.


God's Great Rescue

Check out this PowerPoint that takes you through the story of the Exodus and the first Passover, and how Passover is celebrated today.


A Hard and Heavy Heart

The Bible writes that as Pharaoh's heart was hardened by God and time and time again, he refused to let the Jewish people leave Egypt to travel to the land promised to them by God. See what the lesson of Pharaoh's life teaches us today about the consequences of the decisions we make.


The Passover Seder

Rabbi Eckstein talks about the ritual meal, the Seder, which is central to the Passover observance.


The Jewish Seder Passover Meal

Download this brief primer to learn more about the ancient customs and rituals associated with the Seder meal at Passover.


Celebrating Passover in the Holy Land

Yael Eckstein shares her reflections on the Passover observance.


Preparing for Passover

Rabbi Eckstein explains how the strict preparations for celebrating Passover are biblically rooted.


Biblical Basis for Passover - Part 2

Rabbi Eckstein continues his teaching on Passover by recounting the Exodus story.


Passover Vocabulary

Find out how many Passover words you know!

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