The Red Heifer

According to Jewish teaching, the arrival of a red heifer without blemish will be a sign of the coming Messiah and the rebuilding of the Third Temple. But what is the biblical basis for this teaching? And what implications does it have for Christians? Watch a video teachings from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein on the red heifer, then complete a short Bible study about this biblical command. Learn more about the holiest site in Judaism and the Second Temple with additional video teachings from Rabbi Eckstein.

How Now Red Cow?

Biblical scriptures teach that the ashes of a red heifer must be used to purify the Jewish people before they can enter the Holy Temple. Today, Jews await the birth of a perfect red heifer since this will be a sign that the messianic age is to begin.

The Red Heifer

Discover the significance of the red heifer and what lessons we can learn today from Jewish purification rites with this fascinating Bible study.

Returning to Zion, Traditions and Teachings, The Second Temple

By using computer models, experts can simulate what Jerusalem looked like during the era of the Second Temple. Experience the joy and feeling of holiness the people living 20 centuries ago must have felt as they came to the Temple to worship as you watch this brief video.

The Holiest Land

Join us as Rabbi Eckstein takes us to the Western Wall, the holiest site in all of Judaism. Gain a deeper understanding of the Wall's importance and learn why Jews around the world continue to face Jerusalem when they pray.

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